60 years of education and integration work in Oerlinghausen

Our residential education centre St. Hedwig's House is an officially recognized, Catholic institution of adult education, working mainly in the field of political education, as well as religious education, parental and family education, personal and cultural education. We address all interested citizens, the target group of our work are especially ethnic German immigrants (from the former Soviet Union) and displaced people (expellees). Furthermore young people from different European countries come to us for educational projects.


The main focus of our work:

  • Providing insight into the basic correlations and transformations of society and the state.
  • Cultivating tolerance and respect as the basic prerequisite for freedom and democracy.
  • Contributing to the existence and future of a free society and a democratic state through our educational programme.
  • Reflecting on values and questions of meaning and coming to an independent judgment in discussion processes.
  • Enabling to exercise one's own rights and motivating to participate in society issues.


Encounter at eye level

The trust between the participants and our staff is based on the encounters at eye level and on the lived Benedictine hospitality.